THIS PAGE CONTAINS SOME SPOILERS!!! (but not big ones) Just watch out.

The Main Four


"The Penguin"
The billionaire who forgets he has money unless he's spending it on other people. He loves kids and is really passionate about sports (especially soccer and volleyball). Also collects penguin stuffed animals. Probably deeply troubled by traumatic incidents of his past but prefers to ignore that.
Currently 33 years old


"The Buzzard"
The bodyguard who, if not battling his depression, is becoming far too attached to the things he protects. He wanted to join the military but a quick glance at his mental health history made that a no-go. Is constantly afraid that he's betraying the memory of his dead wife.
Currently 39 years old


"The Raptor"
(Real Name: Neil Torrence)
The gang leader who can't read, can't write, and can't dress himself. He can kind of read and write (just not well). He dyes his hair religiously and puts foundation over his freckles but he has the most self-love of all. Worries that his gang ties will lead to someone he cares about getting hurt.
Currently 23 years old


"The Robin"
The mathematician flutist extraordinaire who is very aware of his millions of dollars. He's less aware of his ego. Claims to be over any traumatic incidents of his youth but keeps just enough stress in his life that he doesn't have time to think about it. Needs to learn to love himself.
Currently 23 years old

The Birds of Prey (+1)


"The Eagle"
(Real Name: Emerson Rahn)
Note's second in command.
Currently 19 years old


"The Falcon"
(Real Name: Felicia Robinson)
Can beat a man to death with her fists.
Currently 18 years old


"The Hawk"
(Real Name: Matthew Pointe)
A teenager with a rifle and a scope for an eye.
Currently 13 years old


"The Owl"
(Real Name: Jennifer Quinn)
Could kill a man with a candy wrapper.
Currently 15 years old


"The Harrier"
(Real Name: Maxwell Dimmon)
Almost silent but definitively deadly.
Currently 16 years old


"The Ospery"
(Real Name: Lynnette/Lyonel Taylor)
Not a gang member. Just dating one.
Currently 18 years old


"The Kite"
(Real Name: Beatrice Jacobs)
Keeps the gang from burning down their own base. Loves her girlfriend.
Currently 26 years old


"The Vulture"
(Real Name: Lindsey Toms)
Very sneaky, despite her bright colors. Loves her girlfriend.
Currently 25 years old